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Attorneys in the firm have experience in all aspects of probate including disputes among beneficiaries, will contests, challenges to personal representatives, challenges to rights of beneficiaries, construction of wills and other testamentary documents, fee disputes, estate tax litigation, fraud and undue influence claims, incompetency claims and all other matters which may arise in relation to the probate administration or trust administration.

Are you a personal representative or a beneficiary of an estate?

Whether or not the decedent had a Will, the primary way to transfer assets from the name of the deceased to the beneficiaries is to go through the probate process.  Probate, the court’s oversight of the distribution of the estate’s assets, is generally needed to gain access to bank accounts or to re-title real property. This process may seem simple, but it can often touch on sensitive family issues and can become difficult to manage.  In the state of Florida, this process should never be attempted without the assistance of an attorney.

We work with clients throughout the state of Florida as well as with out-of-state heirs and personal representatives to ensure that all aspects of estate administration come to resolution as quickly as possible. We understand the need to handle these matters delicately and promptly, and we offer the proper guidance to our clients throughout this complicated, yet necessary process. We are typically called upon to handle:

  • Full, Summary and Ancillary proceedings
  • Identification and collection of the decedent’s assets
  • Preparation of Federal Estate Tax Returns
  • Trust administration

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Curtis B. Hunter Shareholder 305.260.1043 Miami
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Philip C. Rosen Shareholder 954.364.6026 Ft. Lauderdale