Professional Development

The Professional Development Department is responsible for devising and implementing various strategies and programs regarding recruiting, education, supervision, training initiatives, evaluation procedures, diversity, customer service, succession, leadership, and cohesiveness for attorneys both intra- and inter-offices.

Becker & Poliakoff, follows the Practice Group model whereby each Group acts as a team and is supervised by a Practice Group Leader. The Practice Groups meet regularly and offer substantive training programs, such as Becker & Poliakoff University (BPU), a 3-day intensive immersion course. Each year, firm leadership selects different skill sets to focus on and designs an agenda accordingly. The faculty includes nationally recognized legal experts who lead discussions, instruct and critique the attorneys during training exercises. Internal faculty (firm shareholders) actively participate as group leaders and provide instruction on various legal topics. Approximately 20 CLE credits are approved for this course annually. Attorneys at all levels praise the value of such training in helping hone their skills through experiential "hands-on" learning, peer review and evaluation by leading experts.

Becker & Poliakoff offers a convenient in-house Continuing Legal Education program on the 2nd Tuesday of the month that covers a wide range of topics. The Firm also provides various training initiatives in areas such as leadership, self-improvement, team building, and time management.

Professional development for attorneys at all levels is a priority at the Firm. As an example, our Enhancement Program allows each attorney to meet with his or her Practice Group Leader, several senior attorneys, our Chief Marketing Officer and Professional Development Director to discuss and plan their individual development. This program allows each attorney to focus on their career by devising a personalized business plan with input from successful, experienced practitioners in their area of law. Accordingly, part of the attorney's evaluation stems directly from the agreed upon objectives stated in the Enhancement Plan and how well those objectives have been achieved.

Evaluations are completed via a computerized program and then followed by personal face-to-face reviews.

In order to develop future leaders, the firm initiated "Leadership BP," which is patterned after the multiple community leadership programs such as Leadership Miami. Emerging leaders, who are from different offices and practice groups, are chosen through a very selective submission process. The future leaders meet with each member of the Management Committee and all the Department Heads, visit every office, attend the World Business Forum in New York, watch and give presentations on a series of Leadership videos from Stanford University's School of Business, and complete a group project of their choosing relating to the future of the Firm. The goal is to immerse them in the firm's culture, finances, clients and practice areas for a 360 degree view of the firm and to learn what it means to manage and operate a law firm business.

The firm is proud to offer the Client CARE Center, the firm's customer service department. Client service is a top priority of Becker & Poliakoff, P.A. CARE responds to clients (usually within 24 hours) and proactively reaches out to clients to ensure the Becker & Poliakoff client experience is a good one.

As we grow and evolve, B&P strives to keep a connection in and among all its offices so that everyone knows who their colleagues are around the state. We achieve this objective by creating an up-to-date intranet, the BluePrint, (accessible only to employees) which B&P recommends logging onto daily in order to keep apprised of the goings-on of all Practice Groups, attorneys, staff, and administrative departments.

The firm's mentoring program is accomplished via a group mentoring process to facilitate more of a connection among offices and better cross-selling opportunities.

There are many groups that foster collegiality and/or may be used as a resource, such as the women's group WILL (Women in Law Leadership), the diversity group LEAD (Lawyers Encouraging Action in Diversity) and the Associate's group, AAG (Associate's Advisory Group).

Additionally, the Professional Development Department is responsible for planning and coordinating various events and programs, such as annual attorney retreats, regular practice group dinners, shareholder meetings, diversity scholarships, charity fundraiser, and other social events.

Marni Becker-Avin
Professional Development Director